Our Story - How We Met & Our Engagement

Our story began in the heart of Baltimore, sparked by a Tequila Sunrise and a chance meeting at our favorite dive bar, a Baltimore treasure, the Tavern. Dalton, a high-end metal fabricator, and I, an artist and exhibit designer at the children’s museum, connected through a mutual friend underneath the replica Sistine Chapel ceiling. Little did we know, that day marked the beginning of something extraordinary.

We headed back outside to chat, talking for hours, sharing city secrets, and uncovering an absurd number of missed connections. Our love story unfolded like a whirlwind symphony – houseboats on the harbor, sun-drenched hikes, nights in the yoga studio or rock gym, and midnight runs to our favorite dives echoing with laughter. Weekends were stolen escapes to Rehoboth Beach, where the salty air washed away the city’s grit, reconnecting us to our roots.

Yet, the call of adventure tugged at our restless souls. Six months in, we traded in our lives in the city for something new. Together, we purchased our ’01 Dodge Ram passenger van, hammering, sawing, and dreaming – transforming it into a cozy home on wheels. The road became our canvas for three years, painting it with canyon sunsets, northwest whispers, and the laughter of Colorado lakes. Along the way, in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the country, we adopted the perfect cattle dog pup, Rory our forever copilot.

Our blog, Our Home On The Move, became our diary, chronicling the sun-kissed highs and dust-blown lows, a testament to the beauty and grit of our nomadic life. In 2022, we traded our 80ft² home, Dory the Dodge, for a vintage 1989 Ford RV – a new chapter unfolding on the horizon. Once the RV renovation is complete, we have dreams of driving her all the way from South Florida to Alaska! 

Our story took a magical turn on 11.22.23, a date forever etched in our hearts. Engulfed by the natural wonders of the Loxahatchee River, one of Florida’s two wild and scenic rivers, we embarked on a morning paddleboard adventure. The river unfolded before us, revealing a vibrant tapestry of wildlife—alligators, anhingas, ibises, turtles, fish, and a symphony of birds.

As we peacefully paddled amongst the mangroves, the morning sun casting its golden glow, we decided to take a moment to savor a simple breakfast of bagels. It was in this serene setting, surrounded by nature’s splendor, that Dalton chose to create a memory that would last a lifetime.

With a request to pull over, he dropped down on one knee amidst the tranquility of the river. Surrounded by the whispers of the mangroves, he asked the question that would forever change our lives. “Will you continue adventuring with me, forever?” The river embraced our joy, becoming a witness to the promise of a lifetime.

It was a wonderful, magical morning on the Loxahatchee River, and our engagement became a testament to the beauty of our journey, encapsulating the spirit of our love amidst the wild and scenic wonders of Florida.

Explore our visual chronicles on Our Home on the Move, and witness the next chapter of a tale painted with love, laughter, and endless exploration. We’re thrilled to have you here (virtually and in person) to celebrate with us!

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