Our ULTIMATE Vanlife holiday gift-guide: What to buy for friends and family that live on the road and travel full time!

Post Summary: If you are looking for the ideal gift for the vanlifer, buslifer, RVer, or nomad in your life LOOK NO FURTHER!

*Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that add no additional cost to you, when used we may earn a small commission. Thank you! 

Do you need to find the ideal present for the vanlifer / buslifer / RVer / or traveler in your life?! Then you are in luck this holiday season, this gift guide is packed full of goodies that we deem essential over here in Our Home On The Move. Whether you are looking to WOW, or need to be budget-friendly, I’ve got the BEST Christmas and Holiday gift ideas for you. From travel-inspired gifts to items that have changed our life on the road, you can’t go wrong with these holiday gifts. 

I know this has been a bit of a weird year again, and many of us are still online shopping this season. We have scoured the web and found some of our favorite and most beloved products that we really think any traveler in your life would truly use and love! 

What does a full-time traveler really want for Christmas 2021? Our answer would be to travel completely ‘normally’ again but since that won’t be the case for a bit we’ve got some of our favorite goodies down below!

Let's start out with the Van stuff...

THE FAN – Sirocco II from Seekr by Caframo

If there is one thing in our van that we tell everyone they need it is this fan, THE FAN. When building out the van we put a lot of time and research into figuring out how we could create a perfect airflow in the van to stay cool while we were camping without air conditioning. We discovered the Sirocco II Fan from Seekr by Caframo through the #boatlife community and realized it would be perfect for our setup as well! The fan is 12v and can be wired directly into your solar electrical system! It rotates 360 degrees so you can direct the air anywhere you desire, creating the perfect airflow at night to stay cool while you sleep and allowing you to be cool and comfortable anywhere on the road (or open ocean!) 

If there was ONE thing I would say everyone needs in their rig, it’s this!!!

Sirocco II Fan from Seekr by Caframo 

Learn more about the Sirocco II in the color black HERE

You can see where to purchase a Sirocco II near you HERE

& Seekr by Caframo just put out an article on How To Celebrate Christmas in an RV! Which you can read HERE

the lifesaver jerry can

One of the biggest hurdles in vanlife, in our opinion, is securing tasty potable water. In some areas of the country, it is abundant, in other drier parts of the country it is much harder to come by. (Hello backroads of Texas and southern Colorado!) It can also be a BIG expense when getting into car camping or vanlifing. The Jerry Can by lifesaver is a new spin on old technology — a self-contained water filtration solution that is well-suited for vanlife and overloading use. This 5-gallon water jug uses a hollow-fiber membrane filter, a carbon cartridge, and a pressure pump to store, filter, and purify a large volume of water.

If you know someone who is an avid car camper or just getting started in van life we highly recommend the LifeSaver Jerry Can – as long as you keep the filter wet (water in the unit) it lasts a long time and you can use almost anything as a water source! (From canal water to dirty puddles we have done it all with our LifeSaver) 

Buy HERE: https://iconlifesaver.com/?wpam_id=37 

and some personal stuff... to feel like home


One of the biggest luxuries you have to give up when traveling full time in a van/bus/or RV is a bathtub. When we lived in an apartment ages ago, I used to love a long soak in the tub after work or yoga. Since that is no longer in the cards for us, I had to find an alternative. Something that gave me the same feeling sans tub. Welcome in……ProCure’s Epsom Salt Rub Gel! Which is an Epsom Salt treatment you can use without a bathtub! We love using it after long hikes and long walks on the beach, you self massage the product in, shower off afterward, and feel oh-so-good!

(This is a product were giving a lot of our loved ones this year because we love it so much)

Buy HERE on Amazon: https://amzn.to/30b92n3

And a couple of things to document the journey...

iPad / iPhone Stand 

This has been a game-changer for us this year! This stand holds your iPhone or iPad up so you are not craning your neck to look at the screen. We love these for watching movies late at night and for our video/ Zoom meetings. We use the stand for entertainment, work and school. I honestly would recommend this product even if you are not living in a van. The stand comes with three discreet looking mounts, so you can easily install the stand in different places around your space and its not ugly to the eye when not in use! 

Buy HERE on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3G4TsZw

Instax Mini Camera

Who doesn’t love tangible photos? We held off on getting one of these for the longest time, but we’re so glad we finally took the plunge and got one for ourselves. It has been so fun to document our trip this way, the pictures make the perfect momentos and are great gifts to share with friends along the way. I linked a set below that includes some film to get everything started. 

Buy HERE: https://amzn.to/3Eg7mra

DJI iPhone Gimble

This is a 10/10 present for anyone who creates on social media, especially so if you live in a home on wheels! The bumps along the road are all a part of the journey, however, no one wants to see them in your video content. The DJI gimble is an amazing nifty tool, it smooths video, takes really wide photographs, and makes lots of crazy cool and fun transitions. 


and a couple of stocking stuffers...

Nalgene Water bottles 

Because you can never have enough good drinking containers. We love Nalgene because they are clear, easy to fill, and you can fill them up with hot water to keep your sleeping bag warm on cold nights. We have linked our current favorite color down below. 


Mesh Organizing Pouches 

These come in a two-pack with velcro, you can stick them anywhere in the van and have an instant storage pouch! The velcro sticks without tape to the back of our chairs, what was originally dead space has become usable, we use the pouches to store and organize Rory’s toys. 

Check them out on Amazon HERE: https://amzn.to/2ZI9vg8

What's on your van life Wishlist this year?let us know in the comments down below :)

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